25 July – 8 August



Ellen Sampson and Nick Sampson: A collection of works from the past 10 years.

25 July – 8 August 2015

This show presents works produced by father and daughter over the past ten years.  The past decade has seen changes and developments in both artists practice: for Ellen it has seen the development of her of use footwear and a move into photography and film, for Nick it has marked a move away from making ceramics to printmaking.


Ellen will show ‘Facet’ (2013), an installation of carved clogs, recent film ‘Dance’ (2014), which explores the relationship between a dancer and her shoes.  She will also show photographs from her series Minpaku (2014), which focus on the interiors of Japanese straw shoes and Absences (2008) a series of ceramic and wooden shoes that explore ideas of mourning and loss.


Nick will show his mixed media print work, combining screen, dry-point and digital prints.  The exhibition will include ‘Voyages/Journeys’, which features prints incorporating boat images,  ‘Dockers’, which makes use of film stills to explore ideas about cargo, and finally a new series of prints and drawings provisionally titled ‘As if it were brightness’.