Greyfriars Art Space is an unincorporated association of members. Membership runs from 1 April each year. The small membership fee of £20 per annum, £10 for students supports the Association by helping to contribute towards running costs of the Association. (In the first year of membership, the fee will be £10, £5 for students, if you join after 1 October)

As an artist-run organisation, we also require pro-active input from our members. The day-to-day management of the Association is carried out by a voluntary Committee who are drawn from the members. All members are expected to agree to the objects and rules of the Association as set out in the Constitution*.

Membership is available to all visual artists and other creative people who are resident in, or base their professional practice in and around West Norfolk. Membership is open to all persons regardless of age, religious belief, political opinion, colour, race, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or disability, provided they are interested in or in carrying out activities in the visual arts and crafts and approve the objects and rules of the Association.

Membership benefits:

  • Eligibility to submit to the annual Members’ exhibition at the association’s gallery
  • Eligibility to apply for studio workspace – subject to availability
  • Participation in the AGM and exercise of their voting rights
  • Contribution to the development of the Association through election to the Committee
  • Participation in social events at the gallery – previews, talks, meetings and other events.
  • Option to apply to run workshops at the gallery (for which artists may charge)
  • Access to workshops
  • Email updates
  • Access to our newsletters
  • Eligibility to contribute to the newsletters
  • Update on exhibition opportunities.
  • Access to GAS Facebook page
  • Eligibility to propose rental of gallery space, either on your own or in a group     (open to all)
  • Opportunity to display your work, between exhibitions, in the front gallery space.

Any person who wishes to become a member shall lodge with the Association:

  1. A completed Membership Application Form
  2. A current CV
  3. 6 images of recent work (digital prints / photographs / CD)
  4. A short statement about the work, their practice and how they intend to support the   Association
  5. A cheque for the annual subscription (£20 per annum, £10 for students).

The Committee shall notify each applicant in writing of its decision within 4 weeks. The Committee shall be entitled at its discretion to refuse to admit any person to membership. An Annual General Meeting is held every year. Members will be given at least 14 days notification of the date and location of the meeting. All members are expected to attend the AGM. If unavailable an apology must be given to the Chair. The Committee is elected/re-elected by the members at the AGM.

Please send applications to:  Membership Secretary,  Greyfriars Art Space,  43 St. James Street,  King’s Lynn,  PE30 5BZ

Download Greyfriars Art Space Membership Application Download a pdf of the Greyfriars Art Space Constitution document

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